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Sonja — Sonja worked in medical schools for 30 years. This led to some questioning of modern medical practices. It also gave her a busy career, too time-consuming, leaving little time to tango. She began to muse about a different way of life, especially one lived more on the outside than the inside of buildings.

Permaculture gardening had long been a passion, especially growing herbs. She gave up the academic life in favor of quality of life and teamed up with Leslie for a perfect partnership of health, herbs and horticulture.

Now she stocks and tends the gardens and is gaining in her reputation as a talented grower of medicinal and culinary herbs as well as vegetables. She has a passion for heirloom seeds and a thumb perhaps greener than Basil’s!

Sonja delivers presentations and workshops and, assisted by Leslie, she designs flower and herb gardens. She plays the piano very badly but does rather better at tennis.

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