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Restoration Herbs in Franklin, PA



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Welcome to Restoration Herbs

We're all about herbs ... so join us!

Our Medical Herbalist works with individuals of all ages to improve well-being.

We run workshops, give talks and willingly share our knowledge with others.

Locally, we provide fresh and freshly dried culinary and medicinal herbs grown without chemicals.

We design gardens of all types often with an herbal signature.

Our Green Gym is for anyone interested in undertaking a short- or long-term project in a lovely setting

...and when you need or want a rest?

Our teas and herbal products will soothe your spirit.

The qualities of herbs are many. They can bring health to those who are ailing, hope to those who are searching. They provide culinary treats and delightful aromas. They are pleasing to the senses and bring joy to all who know them.

We hope you enjoy the website and our newly established tradition of offering a free annual calendar to download ~ just one way we can share herbs electronically ~ and say thank you.